About “Walk on Water”

Whatever has brought you here, welcome to my blog. Maybe you’re going through life changes…transitions of sorts. Whether its grief, anger, hurt, depression, disappointment or just trials of daily living, I’ve had to learn how to keep my head up and roll with the punches too. As a Christian, I am constantly learning how to keep my eyes on Jesus.

Peter had the boldness to try and walk on water and only failed when he looked around at his circumstances. In my book, I hope to help others do what the Lord taught me–to fix my gaze on Him. This blog is my celebration of doing what st first seems impossible. Whatever we overcome, we learn from.

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I am often so embarrassed by how long it took me to learn lessons about people and understand spiritual awareness. By spiritual awareness, I mean locating what God is doing in your life in time enough to get on board with God.

Jesus told us that the two greatest commandments were to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor, and when that truth is not enough, something is off.

In these pages, I talk about the beautiful things I have learned about God and his realness. I teach on the personal spiritual awareness that comes from walking in obedience and communing with God, and I detail the steps we all have to take toward change. I also talk here about problems that hinder us, and unrealistic expectations that that we often hold. This is my journey toward positive spirituality; recapturing freedom in Christ.

The ebook and paperback are available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble booksellers.

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Review: “What a helpful, insightful, and inspiring manual on how to manage the trials of life victoriously! How to Walk on Water is the Christian’s defensive manual on how to handle the struggles of life. This was an excellent read. Thank you!”-K. Singer, Amazon

8 thoughts on “About “Walk on Water””

  1. Beautiful Job!!! We need this sister…I believe this would help us grow more!! I encourage everyone to make sure you get her book very inspirational woman…who endeavour to keep the unity of God’s people and love the souls of mankind. Thank you for all you do for the Church!

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