About “Walk on Water”

This blog is my celebration of  change and finding out  who I was after spending over 30 years  as a leader in an authoritarian, right wing fundamentalist religion and doing what seemed impossible:  Giving all that up to save my dignity and follow my conscience. 

 It’s an odd thing to have to LEAVE a religion to stay honest, but that’s what I needed to do.   I had to leave what I had adopted as “my people” never realizing all those years that I was simply fitting into their system and  being used and strung along by their leaders who I increasingly saw as dishonest.  I came to realize that I only belonged to this community when I fit in with their rules and their personal cliches.    It was not a place of love despite their protests to the contrary.   I was involved, like many, with  people that  were not interested in me but only in what I could do for them. I was never enough in their world. 

I finally came to realize that it was my fault for not walking away sooner and reclaiming my time. 

Whatever we overcome, we learn from.

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I am often  embarrassed by how long it took me to learn these lessons and understand and celebrate me.  When we gain awareness, we locate what God is doing in our lives and understanding who we are and become comfortable with it so that God can truly use us.  

Jesus told us that the two greatest commandments were to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor, and when that truth is not enough, something is off.

Find what was “off ” about that truth was the greatest change of my life.  If you’ve ever escapged from a manipulative relationship, abuse or  oppression, you can relate to my story.    This is my journey toward recapturing freedom in Christ.

8 thoughts on “About “Walk on Water””

  1. Beautiful Job!!! We need this sister…I believe this would help us grow more!! I encourage everyone to make sure you get her book very inspirational woman…who endeavour to keep the unity of God’s people and love the souls of mankind. Thank you for all you do for the Church!

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  2. Very good words of encouragement! It definitely blessed me.i seen it at the very moment I needed to! God bless you


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