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IMG_8190Revised_1Besides being a minister of the good news, Renee is a speaker on the subject of spiritual awareness.  Through her personal walk, miracles and life-changing messages on self-awareness, Renee tells her story of church stagnation, the dangers of group-thinking and how to soar to new spiritual heights having an independent relationship with God.  So many people lose out on the blessings of walking with God looking around at people and not understanding the purpose of a church community.  She has learned the hard way, through 25 years following the wrong things and looking in all the wrong places that God wants each one of us to have a personal relationship with Him that does not involve assigning yourself a label.  Just being a child of God is enough and you are enough.

Renee is a certified coach with the World Coaching Institute who deals with relationships, self-awareness, self-love, finding identity, and confidence  She is a two-time graduate of the University of Chicago holds a Masters in Theology and D.D.from the Christian Bible Institute and Seminary in Spring Hill, TX. Renee and her husband have 3 children, 30 years of marriage and a relationship coaching business, LNF Coaching, Inc.



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