Overcoming Depression

depressedDr. Larry Crabb in his book “Effective Biblical Counseling” used a very key term in understanding human need.  He theorizes that the two greatest needs for human beings are Significance and Security.  I want to focus on this thought in terms of our theme this month—Overcoming Depression– and say  that my writing this month will focus on how depressed feelings can come from not having these two needs met.  I’ve heard ministers teach a pie-in-the-sky Christianity in which depression does not darken the doorstep of good solid Christians, but I see no scripture that supports this belief.  I want to be clear that although below I am laying out the clinical markers for depression, we are still talking about spiritual warfare when it comes to overcoming this as a Christian. As a believer in Christ, we have additional help to overcome Depression.  Webster’s dictionary defines Depression is defined as, “A mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy, feelings of sadness and gloom.” We have biblical examples of good men of God who seemed to be baffled by their situations and this resulted in feelings of sadness, gloom, or pessimism as a result. God was still on their side and did not abandon them. Continue reading “Overcoming Depression”