Mistake or Sin?

When confronted with the truth of our misconduct, we’ll flip through a Rolodex of excuses as to why apologies are not necessary or how we can go around it. Yet, most of the time, our delay lies in the fear that someone else realizes we were wrong—as if— ha!–we’re always right!

images-28Is it a mistake or a sin?  As part of spiritual awareness, I’ve often had to come to grips with this question. My heart conditions and motivation when I did was wrong.  Is there a difference between a mistake and a sin?  So what is the difference?  This is like asking was it an error or did I err?  These two words may sound alike but are slightly different concepts. In either case, the results are the same.  I need to address my morality problems.  When people seek spiritual healing, inevitably there is a “come to Jesus” moment when they realize that a lot of their problems are about themselves and not the other guy.  To some, apologizing looms as a daunting task.  I never could understand the uber-fear of apologizing or admitting to a wrong.  The best Christian is an honest Christian. Continue reading “Mistake or Sin?”