Violence + Injustice = Time to Pray

A man was at home on a Sunday watching a football game. His young son was with him, but the boy was being pesky and bothersome and the man wanted to watch the game in peace. So to keep the boy occupied, he took a page out of the newspaper with a picture of the world, tore it into small pieces and gave it to his son, telling him to put the puzzle together.

If I dwell too long on recent events, I would probably be so depressed that I couldn’t function.  This week marks the one month anniversary of the Orlando shootings where 49 people lost their lives in a senseless act of hatred.  The happenings of the past month: Orlando, St. Paul, Baton Rouge, Dallas, and yesterday’s tragedy in Nice, France, spell out a string of hateful,violent, back- to-back incidents that I’ve rarely seen rolled together in my lifetime, except during wartime.  Violence seems to be everywhere–harsh and sudden.

When we see this much violence and destruction it’s time to pray. Continue reading “Violence + Injustice = Time to Pray”