Identifying Cults (Scientology included)

This is a podcast of Rick Ross.  This outlines the problems with overboard authoritarian rule by any church leader.  Whether it’s by manipulation or fear, this type of religious group is detrimental to anyone’s spiritual health.


Follow-Up to the “Apology”

dont forget the teachingI didn’t expect the outpour of response from the prior September 5th post, but I appreciate the feedback. As a blogger, I simply wanted others to know that this was a much-needed catharsis for me. This is a  real-life continuation to me of a prior article on this blog on the Prison of Perfectionism.  I am still healing from the many layers God is pulling back in my life to move me forward in my ministry.  To those that have written me privately out their pain. I’m sure if your parents had felt freer in doing so, it would have led them to support their own parental instincts in raising you. Continue reading