The Soul of America

This 2016 election has brought up, what all Americans of all races, religions and backgrounds have always known. That America, while floating on the waters of freedom in its laws and rhetoric, possesses an evil underbelly of racism.


This blog has been dedicated to helping Christians with individual spiritual awareness.  But being a U.S. Citizen and part of the great state of Illinois today, my mind is focused on America’s spiritual awareness during our 2016 Presidential Campaign.  One of the greatest fights we have in this election is a fight for the soul and identity of this country we call the land of the free and the home of the brave.  The soul is defined as the real life, the inner consciousness of any being or organization.  Our soul’s true self is not based on what we say we are, it’s what we actually are in fact. Our soul is what defines us as human beings and as a nation. Continue reading “The Soul of America”